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Photo of Barbi Wall

Barbi Wall


Photo of Ainsley Croil

Ainsley Croil

Vice Principal & Learning Support Teacher

Support Staff

Photo of Nellie Konynenbelt

Nellie Konynenbelt

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Terri Schellenberg

Terri Schellenberg

Administrative Assistant

Student Support Worker

Photo of Sandra Trempner

Mrs. Sandra Trempner

Student Support Worker


Photo of Kathryn Ferrie

Kathryn Ferrie


Photo of Mike Greeno

Mike Greeno

Grade 4A

Photo of Julian Hazell

Julian Hazell

Grade 2A

Photo of Dana Heshka

Dana Heshka

Grade 1B

Photo of Carolyn Kruisselbrink

Carolyn Kruisselbrink

Grade 1A

Photo of Freda Middel

Freda Middel

Grade 3A & Grades 1 - 3 Music

Photo of Kelsey Morrison

Kelsey Morrison

Grade 4B, Grade 4 & 5 Music, Grade 5 Band

Photo of Laura Peters

Laura Peters

Grade 4 & 5 French

Photo of Jackie Postman

Jackie Postman

Grade 3B

Photo of Alan Riewe

Alan Riewe

Grade 5A

Photo of Leslee Shenton

Leslee Shenton

Grade 5B

Photo of Ruth VandenHeuvel

Ruth VandenHeuvel

Grade 2B

Photo of Cheryl Winkelaar

Cheryl Winkelaar

Grade 3A

Educational Assistants

Photo of Colette Bouwsema

Colette Bouwsema

Educational Assistant & Speech and Language Assistant

Photo of Jason Hoard

Jason Hoard

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lynda Jordan

Lynda Jordan

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sherry MacCrimmon

Sherry MacCrimmon

Photo of Lorinda Molenaar

Lorinda Molenaar

Educational Assistant

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