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Carolyn Kruisselbrink

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Grade 1A

My Deep Hope: My Deep Hope is that my students will be engaged, purposeful and mindful about how they Shine their Light for God and for others.

I was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario. I attended and graduated from Sarnia Christian School.  I attended Calvin University where I received my B. Ed degree. I met my husband there who also received his B. Ed degree and works at the ICSS campus. We were married after we graduated and then we moved to Alberta. We live in Lethbridge with our 2 older children. I worked in Grade 3 for 5 years before taking 7 years off to be with our children and am now beginning my 11th year of teaching Grade 1. 

My family enjoys spending time together, especially in the summer months, camping, hiking and hanging out with friends. We are all rejuvenated by being out in God's creation.

I am extremely blessed to be part of the ICS family both as a former parent and a teacher. I love working with little children and teaching them about God's awesome creation and how God has gifted us all in different areas. I especially enjoy the learning we do around how we all play a special part in God's Story and how we can shine our love out to others in our family, school, community and world. 

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