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History & Society Board of Directors

Immanuel Christian Schools is owned and operated by the Society For Christian Education in Southern Alberta. The Society is made up of members who have paid their annual dues and who support the mission and vision of the Society. The membership elects a Board of Directors who are charged with overseeing the operation of the schools.

Current Society Board of Directors

Brendan Scholten, Chairman
Dave Neels, Vice Chair
Daniel Hummel, Secretary
Scott Van't Land, Treasurer
Josh DeHaan, Director
Gerrit Schooten, Director
Laura Maljaars, Director
Joni Brandsma, Director

ICS was born in the 1960's. Some local Reformed Christians formed a Christian school society. Their first goal was to create a Christian Grade School. A building from the Claresholm Air Force Training Base became our school when it was moved to 802-6 avenue north. Classes were started for grades 1-6 in September 1962. Over the next three years grades 7-9 were added. The first grade 9 class graduated in June 1966.History of Immanuel Christian Schools

In 1971 Kindergarten was started. Then in September 1976, after the construction of a new wing, high school classes commenced.

In 1977 the largest addition to Immanuel was undertaken. A regulation size gym, a typing room, a band room, a printing room, a library, and six classes were added. Since that time many upgrades to classrooms, the staff room, computer room, science lab, counseling room, shop and music room have been completed.

In 1996 the society purchased the George McKillop School on 5th Ave N with the intention of moving elementary students there. Six new classrooms were added and Immanuel Christian Elementary School opened in this location in the fall of 1997.  Mr. Henry Ronda was the first principal of Immanuel Christian Elementary School at its current location.

September 1, 2015 started a new era for Immanuel Christian School as an alternative Christian program under Lethbridge School District No.51. On September 1, 2016, the grade 6 students at ICES were moved back to the secondary campus to form Immanuel Christian Middle School (Grades 6-8).  In the fall of 2017, an Early Elementary program began at ICES. 

Throughout the years, Immanuel has undergone many changes, yet continually strives to live out its mission and vision in all circumstances.  To God be the glory…In Him we put our trust.