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How We Teach

Immanuel Christian Elementary School is located at 2010 5th Avenue North, Lethbridge, Alberta. We are a Biblically-based, interdenominational Christian school that offers quality Christian education to students in Early Education through Grade 5.

We are dedicated to God in all that we do. At Immanuel, we are a community of Christians who strive for Christ-centered, educational excellence for all students in the following areas: academics, fine arts and sports/physical education.

Academics - Immanuel Christian Elementary School consistently scores very well on Achievement testing.  However, our academics focus is also on helping different learners grow and develop regardless of ability.  Students are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of hands-on learning activities in addition to seat work.  Students are challenged in their learning to see it from the lens of Scripture.  In an effort to make learning meaningful, teachers challenge students to beyond factual recall and to develop reasoning and critical thinking skills that will serve the students well in the future. Teachers also extend FLEx (Formative Learning Experiences).  This involves connecting a learning activity with a group outside of our school.  Ie. grade 2 visiting a senior's home to interview the seniors for the purposes of writing their biography and presenting it to seniors.  Every grade is involved in FLEx activities.  For more information on our philosophy of Christian education, please see the "Transformational Teaching" link.

In grade 4-5, students are given the opportunity to have French instruction for 80 minutes a week on top of their other courses.  In grade 4-5 students have the opportunity to take options classes.  These classes are also structured around a FLEx activity in that the classes culminate with a student work being donated to a group of students sharing skills with a group in our community.  Grade 5 students have a "Celebration of Learning" every spring.  Parents and grandparents are invited out to share in a presentation of learning (drama, video etc.).  Also, our Grade 4 and 5 students can also frequently be seen teaming up with younger students in our "Book-Buddies" reading program.  This helps us develop community, leadership as well as academic skills.

Learners who learn at different rates are able to receive the instruction through individualized learning plans, literacy groups and a well developed learning support program.  Students are celebrated and every student that may need special consideration is assessed and given a learning plan that that is tailored to meet individual student needs.  Our philosophy is that all our children are God's children and we want to help them be the people God created them to be.

Fine Arts (music, art, drama) - Music is celebrated at ICES.  From our Spring Program to Kindergarten - grade 3 singing times to Grade 4 & 5 music classes and Grade 5 Band classes.  Students have a variety of opportunities to engage in music.  We are blessed as an elementary school to have so many musically talented staff members to provide music instruction.  Grade 1-3 have regular music classes in which singing and rhythm instruction are focused on.  In grade 4 - 5, students continue to have music classes, but they begin to focus on instrumentation; These students receive experiences in playing the recorder, ukelele and guitar.  In our grade 5 band classes, students learn to play classical musical instruments and have opportunities throughout the year to play at assemblies and other gatherings.

One of the highlights of the year is the ICES Spring Program.  The program generally occurs in March and involves student singing, drama and instrumentation all done to the glory of God.  We are blessed to be able to share this celebration with so many parents, grandparents, families and school supporters. 

Sports and Fitness - ICES students at all age levels are given the opportunity to engage in regular exercise and physical activity.  At recess times students can be seen scattered throughout a sprawling playground area engaging in games of their own making.  All students have regular access to the gym and the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate physical education activities.  Grades 4-5 students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of intramurals (indoor soccer, basketball, floor hockey etc.).

Each May we offer a running club.  All grade level students have the option of joining.  Students run during recess times and accumulate a running distance equivalent to a marathon.  We have a school celebration for the last laps of the run.  

In terms of interscholastic sports, grade 5 students have participated in a floor hockey challenge with students from Taber Christian school, Grade 5 students also participate in a city-wide coed basketball league.  The focus of the league is on effort and participation and gives students a great chance to experience basketball game situations before heading to Middle school.

Note to Parents - At Immanuel, we fulfill our mission by providing opportunities for students to serve God and His Kingdom by integrating faith through learning and lifestyle practice. Immanuel Christian schools enjoys and cultivates strong relationships with parents and school supporters.  We have many volunteer opportunities for parents and grandparents both within and outside the classroom and are blessed with the spirit of volunteerism from our school community.  Immanuel Christian schools desires to partner with the home and church to provide meaningful, holistic Christian education.

Note about student safety - The front door is kept open; however, all other entrances are locked to ensure student safety.  We also practice lockdowns 3 times a year. 

"We as parents love this school.  The school tests all students and then follows up with them, giving them the programs that they need.  Students are able to grow and there is evidence of genuine love of students.  The teachers treat students as kids and not as paycheques."

- Matt and Denise Guthmiller

Whether engaged in learning or having fun with friends, the active students of ICES add "LIFE" to our school!

Learning Program Fees

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