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Worry Woo Social Emotional Learning Program

Worry Woo Social Emotional Learning Program

Worry Woo is a Social Emotional Learning program that personifies emotions, giving younger children the ability to learn about feelings and practise talking about them in a manner that is relatable to them. By offering children the tools to recognize and verbalize their feelings, we are empowering them to gain control of their own emotions and develop strength in empathy, self respect and resolution.

The following links include visual read-a-louds and creative activities for each Worry Woo character. If you would like to learn more about the program or access additional material, please visit https://www.worrywoos.com

Worry Woo Social Emotional Learning Program

Unit 1

Don't Feed the Worry Bug Drawing

Don't Feed the Worry Bug Ven Diagram

Don't Feed the Worry Bug, Keys

Washing Worries Away

Worry Cloud

Worry Ladder

Don't Fear the Worry Bug, By Andi Green:

Unit 2

The Very Frustrated Monster

The Very Frustrated Monster, By Andi Green:

Unit 3

Let Your Fear Go Balloon Activity

Letter to Your Bubble

The Monster in the Bubble, By Andi Green:

Unit 4

Affirmation Garden

Follow Your Heart Puzzle

The Monster Who Couldn't Decide, By Andi Green:

Unit 5

The Nose That Didn't Fit

The Nose That Didn't Fit, By Andi Green:

Unit 6

The Monster Who Wanted It All, By Andi Green: