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2024 ICES Year End Chapel

2024 ICES Spring Program


Grade 2 Easter Chapel

Grade 5 Christian Education Week Chapel

Love Your Enemies - February 18, 2022


Chapel Skit:




Promises, Promises... - January 27, 2022

Start by singing the 2 following songs:

Watch the Chapel Video:

Finish with any of the following songs:

Grade 3 Christmas Chapel

Grade 4 Remembrance Day Chapel - November 10, 2021

Here is the Chapel Video, you will be asked to pause three times throughout. Twice to play each of the songs below and a third for 2 minutes of silence. Enjoy.

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace:

A Heart to Change the World:

Eye for An Eye - October 29, 2021

Start with singing any of the following 2 songs:



Watch the Chapel Video:


Finish with 2 of the Following Reflection Songs:




Grade 2 Thanksgiving Chapel - October 8, 2021

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Chapel! Please play these in the order you see. Once you have watched 2B's video choose any songs that you wish to sing as a class.

Following the chapel have your students write or draw out 5 things they are grateful for this Thanksgiving.  Remind them that gratitude should be a daily practice.  As we pray to go throughout our day we should share with our heavenly father what we are thankful for! He has provided us with so much and we have many things to be grateful for! 

Watch First: Psalm 138

Watch Second: Thankful for Thanksgiving read by 2A

Watch Third: Blessed to Be a Blessing by 2B

Watch Fourth: Closing Prayer

Choose any of the following songs to sing with your class:


Optional Song and Video:


Optional Videos and Songs:

Salt and Light - September 17, 2021

Start off with singing these one or two of the following songs:

Chapel Video:

Final Song:

Opening Chapel - September 2, 2021

You can sing the following two songs to start off:

Chapel Video:

Closing Song: