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As an alternative program of the Lethbridge School Division, Immanuel Christian Elementary School provides a unique program as the faith-based foundation, paired with the Alberta Program of Studies, supports opportunity for students to grow and learn through the lens of the Christian worldview. 

Immanuel Christian Elementary School offers full day Kindergarten in two different classes: Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday (and some Fridays). On the registration forms, please indicate your preference. Preference for days will be given on a first applied - first served basis. Final program offerings will be determined at a later date and communicated to families.

There is busing available for Kindergarten students. If you have any other questions about Kindergarten registration, please contact the office at Immanuel Christian Elementary School at (403) 317-7860.

Fee Information

Kindergarten (if your oldest/only child is in Kindergarten) - commencing September 2022, the Society school fee for Kindergarten will be $1,500 per year plus the Society membership fee of $250, for a total of $1,750 per year. If you have other students already enrolled at Immanuel Christian Schools in Grades 1 to 12, then the membership fee and kindergarten school fee is already included in the full school fees. See fee schedule here.

Busing - If you have a Kindergarten student only, busing is $950 for the year. Full-time student busing is $2,000 per year per family.