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School Council

ICES School Council

2021 - 2022 Executive & Representatives  Minutes

Chair: Sharla Hummel

Vice Chair: Melissa Hildebrand

Treasurer : Kaylee DeHaan

Secretary: Marian Eisses


September 26 Minutes

October 25 ICES School Council Executive Meeting Minutes

 November 21, 2022 Minutes

Lethbridge Board of Trustees Liaison: Andrea Adreachuk


Lethbridge School Division Executive Council Liaison: Morag Asquith, Associate Superintendent, Instructional Services


Society for Christian Education in Southern Alberta Board Liaison: Mitchell Muizelaar


ICES Teacher Representative: Alan Riewe & Mike Greeno


ICES Mandate And Policies Final Draft

February 7 School Council Meeting Presentation - Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children Presentation