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Hello ICES from Mrs. Loveridge

Hello Immanuel Christian Elementary School families! 

I am absolutely thrilled to be serving this community of learning and faith as your Vice Principal! My husband Lee and I moved to Lethbridge 6.5 years ago when he was invited to serve the congregation of Immanuel Lutheran Church as Pastor. We packed up our lives in the Okanagan and returned to Alberta where I was born and raised. Lee and I have 2 daughters. Our eldest daughter, Jesse, is a nurse in Kamloops BC and our youngest daughter, Emma, is here in Lethbridge with her husband Paul and is returning to her studies to earn a Masters of Counseling. Our life in ministry has taken us from Guatemala to Thunder Bay Ontario, out to Kelowna BC and now back to Alberta. We are certainly a family that has seen change in our life time, but we have always tried to listen and follow  the path that God sets before us. 

My time here in Lethbridge has been filled with many changes as I had to really start over in my professional life when we left BC. We knew that God would work things out in His time! As I reflect on my last 6 year with Lethbridge school division,  I can clearly see that God has certainly held me in His hands and has guided me on my  journey. I have appreciated every opportunity to serve in 4 different schools, and now, I find myself with this amazing opportunity to serve at ICES! Being able to share the love of Christ with this community is something I know I will treasure. I continue to hear that I have landed in a very special place and that there is a strong history of ICES being a light in our community. I really do feel very honoured and thankful for this opportunity! 

I am looking forward to getting to know your children and all the families. It will take me a while to learn names and build connections so please be patient with me! I am very excited to partner with you as we raise up children of faith who will know who they are in Christ. 

I pray that you all have a wonderful and restful summer! See you soon,



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