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Advent & Christmas Chapels

Posted on November 17 2022

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5 Advent is a season of reflection and waiting. Although Advent traditions vary among denominations, one common practice…

Compassion Canada Fundraising

Posted on November 28 2022

As is a tradition at ICES, students will once again be asked to raise money for Compassion Canada’s Gifts of Compassion. It is our hope that they earn the money that will be donated. This is not a fundraising…

Advent Acts of Love

Posted on November 21 2022

The season of Advent highlights the hope, peace, joy and love we have in Jesus Christ, who associated with the poor and homeless of his time. We ask for your support in reaching out to those…

ICES Coffee Blend at Cupper's

Posted on November 10 2022

CUPPER’S COFFEE FUNDRAISER If you enjoy coffee, ICES has its own blend waiting for you at Cupper’s! Bags of coffee are available for purchase at: ICES at Cuppers. This link will remain live throughout…

Chapel Schedule

Posted on September 22 2022

The ICES school theme for 2022-23 will be around Growing in our Faith. We will be looking at various pieces in the teachings of Jesus that help us grow in our faith in the theme chapels. Chapels are at…

Hot Lunches

Posted on September 7 2022

  Sept 15 (Thursday) Hotdogs                                                                                  Sept 23 Hamburger with BBQ sauce, with…