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ICES celebrates year end

On Wednesday, June 17, ICES invited families and students to come to a farewell celebration, starting at 10 am and going until 7 pm. Families were scheduled to come at 5 minute intervals and work their way outside around the school, visiting teaching staff that were posted at different points.

Students/parents/teachers were able to engage/connect with each other, and wish the other party a good summer! 

Principal Jay Visser said, "It has been an interesting spring, and due to circumstances out of our control, education at ICES has looked quite different over the last few months. While I commend students, parents and teachers for the engagement level we had with our remote learning process, it was really nice to see some faces again and be reminded of the power of our community and the connections we have. Thanks for the many families who came. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more: students or staff!"

Year End Celebration

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