ICES Intramurals

ICES will once again be hosting an intramural program for its students.  The program will largely revolve around grade 4 and 5 student sports, but will also include chapel group activites which involve students from all grades. Mr. Greeno is the staff supervisor for our Intramural club.  As part of this role, Mr. Greeno will supervise our Intramural club.  Our Intramural club is made up of grade 4 & 5 students who help plan and organize our intramural sports.  The club is also involved with keeping our gym equipment room organized.   Our various intramural sports tournaments will culminate with staff vs student games, with the entire school invited to watch!

Picture number 1 from the photo album called ICES Intramurals
Picture number 2 from the photo album called ICES Intramurals