Grade 4

October 23 to 27th 

Bible memory this week is Hebrews 11:1 - 3 which is all review for us. It wll be part of our Bible Unit Test which will happen on Wednesday.

Spelling Test on Friday- Unit 8








Homework for the week ending October 13th. 

Students should be reading a novel which can be used to write a second book report later this month.

We have a student EA working in our classroom from Lethbridge College. Welcome Miss Elizabeth Lee.







Dear Parents,            September 5, 2017                                                                                              

Welcome to a new school year. I am excited to welcome 27 students into 4A this year. A special welcome to the new students at ICES.

Please note that grade 4a is a peanut nut FREE zone as we have a student that is highly allergic to nuts.


Here is quick overview to your student’s schedule:


Bible:.  Over the next few weeks expect students to investigate an overview of the Bible. Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching Bible to Grade 4A


Social: We will be doing a study of Alberta. The first number of weeks will involve map work. Where has God placed us on this sphere we call Earth? Why is Alberta special? Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching social.


Science: Our first unit looks at simple machines. This is a fun unit with lot of hands on activates. Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching science.


Physical Education:  September starts with games of cooperation and moves into volleyball. As the weather permits, we plan to get outside and to enjoy the great outdoors. Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching P.E.

Math: We begin by studying data management and reviewing basic operations. Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching math. In addition Mr. Riewe will be teaching mental math to grade 4 one period per week.


Health: This year Mrs. Peters will be teaching health and handwriting to grade 4a.


Art: This year Miss Witten and Mrs. Peters will be teaching art to grade 4a two periods per week.


LA.:  Immanuel Christian Elementary endorses a writing methodology called Blended Structure and Style in Writing. In Grade 4 students learn to communicate more effectively in written and spoken language.    We start by reading short stories from the Christian School International anthology. We have four novel studies to work through as well. In grade 4 our writing matures as we construct effective sentences, descriptive paragraphs, clever poems and focused five paragraph reports.                 

Gen. Music: Mrs. Peters will be teaching this class.

Computers: Since computers are a useful tool in our age, students will be learning to use a computer for a variety of purposes. We will be learning to use Microsoft Word for many of our classroom projects/assignments. Please be assured that children will be supervised and inappropriate web sites will be avoided to the best of our ability.. Our computers are safeguarded with appropriate firewalls and filters. Mr. Lieuwen will be teaching computer skills.

French: Mrs. Peters teaches French twice a week.


                Let’s have a great year together!


Richard Lieuwen