Grade 2

Grade 2 2018 September Calendar






3 Labour Day

4 School Begins









8- golf tour.

10 Parent Volunteer & FT form due



12 Picture Day

(KA & 1 – 5)

*2:00 early dismissal*



14 Pancake


(western theme)













21 HL: hot dogs

-Sept. Scholastic Due


22- Granum Turkey Supper


24 Parent

Permission forms DUE




26First Seniors visit

   10:30-11:30 at

     St. Therese Villa


28 HL: hamburg.

1:00-2:45 Terry Fox Walk @ Henderson

Oct. 1

Orange shirt day


Oct. 2


Oct. 3


*2:00 early dismissal*

Oct. 4

Oct. 5

HL: hot dogs



Dear Parents,

We are excited to be working with you and your child this year! In September, we will be reviewing the skills your child learned last school year and then begin building on these throughout the year. We look forward to getting to know each student, their strengths and needs, and their God-given, unique gifts.

BIBLE MEMORY – Verses will be typed out for the students and put in their agenda books with the due date on it. Please help your child to learn them so they can recite it to their teacher individually.

SPELLING LESSON/TESTS – A weekly spelling list will be printed in your child’s agenda. Challenge words dealing with topics we are studying may be added to weekly lists.  A review test will be given (usually with 20 words) after every 5 lessons.  Please help your child practice these words. Tests for each lesson will be given on Fridays (or Thursdays when Fridays are off.)

LIBRARY – The students have each been given a bag to carry their library books in. They need to return their books in these bags to exchange books. If bags go missing, new bags will be available at the cost of $0.50 from the Library. Grade 2 has Library on Tuesdays.  Please look at the books together and encourage them to read.  Grade two students will be participating in Accelerated Reader quizzes to check their reading comprehension at their reading level.  Please encourage your child to be prepared for these by reading their books each week!

AGENDAS – This is a communication tool between home and school. It will help teach calendar and organizational skills. Please check your child’s agenda DAILY, empty out the pouch and send it back to school every morning. All information that we send home should be coming in the agenda. Anything that you need to send back to school should go in there as well. If you have any messages for the teacher please write them in the agenda for that day and remind your child to show us in the morning.  The School website will also list important information and volunteers scheduled for special events and field trips in grade two. We plan to send all newsletters and calendars as a hard copy in your child’s agenda, including FT permission forms, as well as update the grade 2 section of our school website.  We also plan to use the Seesaw app to communicate with you and you are encouraged to use it as well to communicate with us.

GYM – Grade Two has gym activities, warm-ups or class every day. Please have a pair of inside shoes at school at all times. Runners must have a non-marking sole and laces must be tied to participate in gym.  Please have your child keep a labeled water bottle at school.

SNACKS – A big part of the Grade Two health curriculum is nutrition. Help us promote and teach healthy eating habits by providing a HEALTHY MORNING SNACK AND LUNCH. We ask that grade two lunches do not require use of a microwave and DO NOT INCLUDE PEANUT PRODUCTS as Liam has a peanut allergy.  Wow butter is a good substitute.

BIRTHDAY SNACKS – We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  If you choose to send a treat to share with the class, please take a moment to make arrangements with your child’s teacher as to whether or not you plan to come and when would be the best time to celebrate. There are twenty-five students in grade two this year. Peanut free snacks, please!

BOOK CLUBS – Information/order forms will be sent home about once a month. The books from Scholastic are reasonably priced and help to earn ‘bonus points’ to go towards classroom books and supplies.  Remember, you are not obligated to order any books and we do not endorse all the books available. If you choose to order, please pay on-line, send cash or a cheque payable to ‘Scholastic Canada’.  ChickaDEE magazine subscriptions are another option to consider as a gift and a way to promote reading and topics of interest for your child.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS – We sometimes need help in and outside the classroom. Attached is a sign-up sheet for helping with centers. Centers will take place every Friday from 10:10-11:50. Please read the attached sheet for more details. As other opportunities arrive, we will ask for your assistance at that time.

TEACHERS: Mrs. VH will be teaching grade two 40% and grade three 60% this year.  Mrs. Skidmore is the grade two homeroom teacher.  Mr. Hoard is Joshua’s assistant.


ADJUSTMENTS: Please be patient with your child to allow time for all of us to adjust to new routines and schedules!  Please PRAY for your child, our classroom and the staff as we seek to serve Him and your children this year. 

         We are very excited for this school year! We look forward to getting to know your child and watching him/her grow over the coming year. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support, as well as your willingness to volunteer in and out of the classroom!  Your participation will benefit all the children’s learning. Feel free to communicate with us regarding any questions or concerns you may have.  You can leave messages through the school office, e-mail us or use the Seesaw app to communicate with us.

School phone: 403-317-7860;   

Mrs. Skidmore’s e-mail:





Volunteering for Centers/Field Trips in Grade 2

We are planning to have centers every Friday morning beginning in a few weeks. The centers will build on the skills that the students are working on in Language Learning, Art, Math, Science and Social Studies. To make these centers as successful as possible,  we will need about 4 or 5 volunteers to help run the different centers with grade 2 students combined in groups. This is a great opportunity to see firsthand what your child is learning in school, meet some of your child’s friends, meet other parents and be involved with hands-on activities in your child’s classroom. We would love to have mom, dad, a family friend or even grandma or grandpa help out! : Our senior visits are planned on Wednesday mornings once a month, for approximately an hour

Please fill out the form below and return it to your child’s teacher by: FRI., Sept. 21st:

NAME of Parent:___________________  NAME of child:_______________

Would you be available to help on Friday mornings from 10:10 to 11:50   a.m. on any of the following dates? (Please mark as many as you can make work.  We will try to schedule as many different parents as possible.  If you are scheduled to volunteer but for some reason your plans change, you are welcome to switch with another parent on the list or let us know in advance.)


____ Oct. 5

____ Oct 12

____ Oct. 26

____ Nov. 2

____ Nov. 9

____ Nov. 30                                                         

___ Dec.7

___ Dec. 14


 Would you be available to help us with pairing up the students with their senior friends at St. Therese Ville ( 253  Southgate Blvd. S.) and helping them with the activities each month on the following Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:30 a.m. ?    

_____ Sept. 26          ____ Dec. 19                    ____ March 27     ____ June 19

_____ Oct. 24            ____ Jan. 23                    _____ May 1

_____ Nov. 21           ____ Feb. 27                    _____ May  29                                           

___I would be willing to help serve at the pancake breakfast Fri., Sept. 14 at 9am

___I would like to join the Terry Fox walk at Henderson Lake Fri., Sept. 28 from


Any questions, comments, special notes or field trip suggestions:______________  


Any ideas for a rural setting FT vs. an urban setting FT:______________________                  


Show and Share Schedule for Grade 2:


The students may have class sharing time once a week, if they choose.  We are not sharing toys, but rather something they have made, found, learned, collected or done.  Please have your child write a sentence or two about what they are going to share to explain what the class can learn from it.  This is the day your child may choose to share with his/her classmates in grade 2:


Mondays: Adut, Braxton, Cohen, Connor, Elijah


Tuesdays: Gabriel, Isabella, Janella, Joshua, Jude


Wednesdays: Julie, Jullien, Leah, Liam, Makayla


Thursdays:  Michelle, Mikaela, Miley, Miya, Natalie


FridaysNolan, Rebecca, Robbie, Shanti, Wyatt