Grade 1


March 25

Dear Parents. I hope you enjoyed the Spring Program even on Friday night! The students sang their hearts out as they shared God's Story with those who were there. I was so proud of the students! Note a few last minute things for this week:

1. NO SPELLING OR MEMORY: With 4 days left of school we will resume both when we return. We are working on our Resurrection Eggs again this week and the students are excited to finish them and share them with you at the end of the week. We are covering the Easter story and the important verses that go with the events of the Easter Story.

2. Library Wednesday: Please try to have your child return late books so they may pick new ones for the break.

3. Easter Chapel will be hosted by Grade 2's on THURSDAY at 9:00 in the gym. You are welcome to attend! 

4. Charity Projects: Most of the projects are in! The students will begin sharing them tomorrow and we will vote this week to decide which charity the Igloo Money will go to! 'Demolition Day" is Thursday and I will take the jugs to the Recycling Depot over the break and give the kids a total on our first day back! THANK YOU to everyone who helped their child with their project and for those of you who sent milk jugs to school! 

5. There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, March 30 through Tuesday, April 10 ( the first Monday after the break is a PD day for teachers) Have a wonderful and restful break! 


Good afternoon parents! I pray you had a restful weekend. I am so happy that the calendar will be turning to Spring this week! Even if it means some snow yet, HOPE of Spring and the celebration of JESUS RESURRECTION is coming! Take note of some important things going on this week:

1. NO SPELLING THIS WEEK: The students have enough going on preparing for Spring Program and they will be missing several LA classes this week so we will do one more week of Spelling the week before Easter! I will also send a short EASTER VERSE for Memory for the last week.

2. SPRING PROGRAM: The program is at 7:00 at Trinity Reformed Church. The kids are expected to be there around 6:30 so there is time for them to settle in and line up for a 7:00 start. Classrooms at the back of the church will be marked your child's grade so please drop them off and pick them up there. Please make sure your child is wearing light clothing as it will be very warm for them all at the front. I look forward to seeing you there! The kids are VERY excited to know the songs now and to see and hear all the instruments and the full drama last week. They are pumped and getting ready for Friday!

PLEASE NOTE: All the students are practicing at the church on Wednesday AND Thursday morning till 11:15. Please send snacks that they can eat first thing before we leave at 9am and please have them dressed lightly or in layers. 


4. CHARITY PROJECTS: I'd love to have them in by Friday so we can start presenting them next week! You or your child can bring it to school anytime this week. Please remember to include a Bible verse that fits with your child's charity. Thanks! THANK YOU for all the Milk Jugs: You can send them through this week yet! :) 

5. Library Wednesday afternoon :)

6. Friday: * EARLY DISMISSAL at 2pm

    * HOT LUNCH: BBQ Burgers

Thanks and have a blessed week!


Good evening parents,

I have just finished reading over everyone's report card comments and they are ready to print and send home tomorrow! It's been an exhausting week and I know that many of you have lifted myself and staff up in prayer. For this I am thankful!!!! Please look below for what is up this week:

1. Report Cards: Are coming home in your child's agenda this week. Parent teacher conferences are Thursday from 6-8 and Friday 8-12. You do not need to schedule a conference unless you have a concern about your child or I have requested one. Note there is no school for students on Friday.

2. Please sign the report card envelope and return to school for one last round :)

3. NO MEMORY THIS WEEK : With Spring program practices in full swing this week we won't have as much time and they have so many words to learn that I think it's enough for the next couple weeks. A few students did not know their 10 commandments on Friday so I will be asking them this week. 

4. Spring Program is March 23. Please see School Email for more details! 

5. Charity Projects: Due the First Day of Spring! Please email me if you have questions. Several posts below comment on it and a newsletter was sent home a few weeks ago. Please add a Bible Verse that fits well with the Charity of your child's choosing. I'm looking foward to seeing and having the kids share them with the class! Please keep sending milk jugs until the first day of spring :) Thank you!

Have a blessed week! 

March 4

Good evening parents. Welcome to March! The Hope of Spring! It's a busy but hopeful month. Take note for this week.

1. SPELLING: The students did GREAT on their first spelling test! It's being sent home tomorrow. 8 new words will be coming home tomorrow. The kids will be asked to use one or more words in a sentence this week. I'll be marking it based on the proper way to make a sentence ( capital, period, spaces and makes sense) Thanks for supporting your child in this!

2. CHARITY PROJECTS:  A few are trickling in ! They are due March 21. PLEASE INCLUDE A BIBLE VERSE ON YOUR CHILD'S PROJECT THAT TIES IN WITH THE CHARITY THEY CHOOSE ( eg. helping the hungry, or hurting, or caring for our earth or for animals) This helps highlight the Through Lines that we teach and talk about in our classroom and our school. Our Igloo is growing! Milk jugs will be happily accepted for a couple more weeks! Thanks!

3. MEMORY WORK: The students will have a brief assessment this week of what we have covered in Moses so far. I will also assess their Ten Commandments this week.

4. Please send 12 plastic easter eggs with your kids sometime this week or send $1 to cover the cost. We will be making our Resurrection Eggs soon! 

5. THANK YOU to all PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS who helped out with SKATING and 100 DAY! The help is so appreciated! The kids had a really good time at both events! 



MaFebruary 25,

Good evening parents! I hope you and your family had an enjoyable Family week together. I very much enjoyed sleeping in, having coffee, getting things done around the house and hanging out with my kids and husband! Now we are going to hit March running! Please take note of things happening this week, and things coming up this month :)

1. SPELLING: Your child will be sent home with a list of 8 words to practice. They will be starting with some sight words and short vowel words and we will have a spelling test on Friday morning's. This will help the students become better spellers with frequently used words in their writing. This will also help prepare them for Grade 2. Please help your child practice these words.

2. SKATING: Our last skating is this Tuesday at 1:20 :) Please let me know if you are willing to help lead a small group on the ice. Once again thank you to everyone who has helped so far on and off the ice! 

3. 100 DAY IS WEDNESDAY! I am excited to get to 100 day! There will be centers in the morning. If you would like to help our please let me know ASAP. Please arrive at 9:50 so you know what center you are at and how to do it :) Centers will run till 11:45. Thanks! The students may also dress up like they are 100 that day. Have fun with it! Lastly, please send your child with their plastic baggie that has 100 things in it. We will be looking at them this week. Thanks for your help!

4. Bible Memory: We are still on the Commandments! We hope to go through the rest of them this week so I will start asking the kids on Friday to tell me the 10 commandments. I will continue that into next week if I don't get everyone done on Friday. With Spring Program starting I may send home a couple of the song words for them to practice with you and to talk about what they mean in terms of God and how we fit into HIS STORY.

5: CHARITY PROJECTS: Hopefully you have had a chance to pick a charity of your child's choice and have begun to look at what it has to offer. Please continue to send milk jugs this week. The kids will begin presenting their projects on the first day of Spring. (March 21) GO SPRING!!!!

6. COMING UP: As we will begin studying the Easter story later in March, we will be making our own Resurrection Eggs. Your child will need to either BRING 12 coloured plastic eggs or send $1 to school with your child and I will buy it for them. I have enough Egg Cartons for the students. Thanks!

Whew....I think that's it for now! Our schedule will be a bit off this month with Spring Program Pratices so please keep that in mind when asking your child about their day and when looking for things in their agenda :) Have a great week! 


Good evening! Looks like winter is going to stick around for a little while longer! Hope you had a safe and restful weekend! A BUSY week coming up!

1. BOOK FAIR is happening tomorrow ( Monday) at 1:10. Please feel free to come at that time to help your child pick books! 

2. SKATING Tuesday again at 1:20 at Adams. I could use a couple more helpers to lead if you are available. Thank you for all the parents and grandparents who have come to tie skates and help the kids on and off the ice! We couldn't do it without you! 

3. FRIENDSHIP DAY: A note went home ( a pink one) that gives you the infomation you need. Students may bring valentine's that we will exchange in the morning and if you can send a cup of fruit and a spoon. Please make it a container your child can eat ourtof. We will enjoy a friendship salad for snack time! Students may wear Valentine's day colours and in the afternoon they will go into chapel groups to participate in Olympic Day Friendship day activities. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for 2 outdoor activities during that time! 

4. Library: Mrs. Konynenbelt still has the students' bags from last week so no need to send books this week :) (unless you forgot!)

5. FRIDAY: TROPICAL DAY: Students may dress tropical! (for inside...not outside! :)


7. FRIDAY: EARLY OUT at 2:00: Happy Family Week!

8. MEMORY: We are continuing with the 10 commandments. All will be due after the break.




Have a wonderful week of with your famly!

Good evening! I hope you are staying warm with this white weekend we are having! Looks like the groundhog was right! We are in for 6 more weeks of winter! The kids had fun celebrating Groundhog day on Friday. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for this week!


1. SKATING: We are skating this Tuesday. If you have signed up to help lead I'll put a note in your child's agenda ( the list is at school :)) Please make sure your child has skates, helmet and snowpants. Just let me know if you want to take your kids home from the rink.

2. MEMORY: We will work on memorizing the first 3 commandments. I'll send them home.

3. NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY: PD for teachers

4. SPELLING: Starting after the break I'll be sending home 8 words a week for the kids to practice. They will be sight words we use or words that follow the phonics rules we have learned ( eg. Short vowel words, long vowel words) I will send a list home each week and if you can assist your kids that would be awesome! It will help prepare them to be good spellers going into Grade 2. 

5. Thanks for the milk jugs! Keep sending them! Let me know if you have questions about the Charity Projects you and your child may be talking about! Thnks for your support! 

6. Grade 1 will be having the book fair on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12. I will have the kids write the time in their agenda's. You are welcome to come and assist your child in choosing their books at this time! 

January 28,

Good evening parents! Can you believe January is almost over!!! Lots of fun things have happened already this month and our first skating last Tuesday was a success! Things going on this week:

1. NO SCHOOL TUESDAY-this is tied into the High School Semester schedule and is a PD for teachers. Because of no school there is no skating till next Tuesday. I'll email you if you have signed up to help lead a group. Thanks!

2. Memory: We will be moving on to the Israelites travelling towards the Promised Land and will be learning the 10 commandments over the next couple of weeks. Look for the memory in their agenda's coming home on Wednesday and I'll let you know when they are due....probably not till after the break!

3. Theme Chapel on Friday: You are welcome to come! 9:00

4. Thank you for the milk jugs! Keep them coming! We will start constructing this week!!!! 

Have a great week everyone!


January 21,

Good evening parents! I hope you received the newsletter that came home with your child last week giving you detailed information about SKATING and our IGLOO PROJECT. Here are there things that are going on this week!

1. SKATING Tuesday. Do your child's skates FIT? :) Please send skates, helmet and snowpants with your child in a labelled bag. Details of when and where were on the newsletter sent home. We'd love your help tying skates or helping on the ice! The more the better! Hope to see you at Adams at 1:20 Tuesday. If you choose to take your child home right after skating please let me know so we can send their back packs with them on the bus! Thank you!

2. FRIDAY: FORMAL DAY: This is a dress up day, like many others we have had, but this month it's formal day....which means your child may choose to wear any dressy clothes to school ( fancy dress, tie and dress shirt, flower girl dresses). Just be careful what you send if you don't want it getting too dirty :)

3. EARLY DISMISSAL FRIDAY: Your child will be dismissed at 2:00 that day.

4. HOT LUNCH FRIDAY: Chili Day. Check if you ordered this for your child please! :)

5. Thank you for the milk jugs being sent so far! Keep them coming! Thank you! 

Thank you to those who send food for Mr. Bear! He is now hibernating comfortably in the back of our classroom! Ask your child about it! :)

Have a blessed week!


January 14,

Good afternoon parents! I bet you are all glad to be finally getting a break from all this frigid weather and have a few days of 'normal' winter! I know I am! Here are a few updates for the week and month:

1. Memory work: I will send it home with them on Monday. 

Psalm 91:1-2

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
    will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
    he is my God, and I trust him.

It's a verse about God being our shelter which ties in with our winter unit on animals and where they live and how they build shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Memory will be due THIS FRIDAY JANUARY 19.

2. Please check at home if you have any LIBRARY BOOKS that are overdue. Mrs. Konynenbelt has quite a list of books that are still missing from students in my class. Please return these books every Wednesday so that your children can choose new ones to read with you at home. Thank you!

3. SNOWSHOEING weather permitting will happen this THURSDAY and FRIDAY during Gym class with Mrs. H. Please dress your children appropriately for the weather at the end of the week for this activity. The kids seemed to enjoy it last Friday! 

4. Please start sending EMPTY RINSED MILK JUGS to school if you are willing. We are going to start building an IGLOO to raise money for a charity of the kids' choosing! Details to follow in a newsletter home. ****DOES ANYONE HAVE ACCESS TO A FRIDGE BOX THAT WE CAN USE AS A BASE FOR OUR IGLOO?Please let me know if you do! Thank you!

5. Please send a baggie with 'food for Mr. Bear" that we can 'feed' to Mr. Bear sometime this week to kick off our HIBERNATION unit. It can just be old or stale food or a baggie with some cereal. It will all go in a big bowl for Mr. Bear and he will 'eat' the food over the course of the next week or so until he goes in his den to Hibernate till Spring! Thanks for your help! 

I think that is all for this week! Please continue to do HSR with your child. They are very excited to earn their sticker and their prize for every 10th book they read. Thank you for your support in helping your child become a better reader! 

Have a blessed week!


January 7,

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018 and I pray that you and your family will be blessed this year! 

My break was a good mix of relaxing, spending time with family, sleeping and organizing! The time went very quickly! We are starting the week off slowly and next week I will send a newsletter home with more details of some projects coming up! 

1. No Memory work this week. We are going to ease back into the 10 plagues and I will send new memory home the end of next week that will be due next Friday ( January 19.

2.Library on Wednesday. 

3. Hot Dog day and Bank Day on Friday.

4. If you are willing start collecting Milk Jugs for our classroom (rinsed please!) that we will be using for our Igloo Project this winter. More details to follow next week! 

5. Soon our Classroom bear will go into HIBERNATION ( to tie into our Winter Unit) Sometime next week I will be asking for any old or stale food that you are not going to eat with your f amily. The bear is going to eat the food before he hibernates, so if you have some Christmas crackers or cereal you do not need save it for next week! The kids will NOT be eating this food.  I will add this to my newsletter next week! Thanks!

I expect this first week to be a hard one for your little ones to swing back into so please help by making sure your child gets to bed on time this week and has healthy snacks and lunches! I will be doing the same :) 

Thank you! Have a great week! 


December 15,

Good evening parents, on the last email of 2017! It's been a good 4 months in Grade 1 so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how much more your children will grow and learn in 2018! 

As I write this I am still feeling under the weather after feeling sick since Thursday. Please pray that I feel healthy enough to be able to be at school all week! I know that many prayers have been said for those in our class who have been home not feeling well so I pray that we can finish off healthy this last week!

Things to note this week:

1. Last Advent Chapel: Love is 9:00 Monday morning. You are welcome to attend.

2. Christmas assembly is FRIDAY 9:00: Grade 1 leading. We really hope you can come and watch us celebrate the birth of our Saviour! For the JOY dance we recommend light Christmas Coloured clothing and we prefer no dresses as they are dancing and twirling on the floor etc. We just want them to be comfotable and appropriate :)

3. Permission Form will be sent home regarding our Neighborhood Christmas Card Delivery. We are planning to deliver them on  FRIDAY morning after snack time (10:30ish) The students have made a card that shares the message of Jesus including a picture and message written by them. The kids are getting excited to deliver their envelopes this coming week!

4.THANK YOU for helping your child earn money for COMPASSION CANADA!! My heart has been bursting with JOY and LOVE and PRIDE for the students who have been coming to school SO excited about the chores they have done and the money they have donated from their own wallets. We are continuing to collect until THURSDAY. So far we have raised 317.00!!!! The students have looked at the Compassion Cataloge and are so excited to vote on what they would like to purchase with there money. You will be able to hear about it at Friday's Assembly. Thanks again for helping your children have giving hearts for such a worthy cause! 

5. Library on Wednesday. Please check that you return overdue books :) That way your child has new books to read over the break.

6. On Thursday morning Grades 1-3 will be singing for the seniors at Legacy Lodge and Elim from about 10-11. ​Students start at Legacy Lodge first then walk over to Elim. Please make sure your child is dressed in short sleeves as it tends to be warm in the building. 

7. EARLY DISMISSAL on Friday at 2:00. Merry Christmas!

December 10

Good evening parents. Welcome to the Advent week of LOVE at ICES. We light the love candle during our 9:00 chapel tomorrow. You are welcome to come!

December is flying by and there are many activities that are taking place! Some of them we would love to have you part of! Please note some dates.

1. Permission forms were sent home for all of Division 1 regarding skating times in January. Please try to remember to send them this week so that those times are set.

2. A different permission form one will come home from Grade 1 this week for our Division one singing outing to the senior homes next week and a trip to the Homeless Shelter next week sometime as well! 

3. COOKIE BAKING FRIDAY: We will be baking cookies on Friday morning. I'd love to start around 9:30 after our morning singing. I'm looking for 2-3 parent helpers to help rotating centers of kids to help them make and bake some sugar cookies. We will be decorating them the following week and delivering them to the Homeless Shelter. Please email me or write in the agenda to let me know if you are interested. Time commitment would be 9:20 to probablly 11:45. Thank you!

4. FRIDAY- is HOT LUNCH DAY--Hamburger Soup



7. We are continuing to practice our Christmas dance for the assembly and our Memory from Luke 2. Please continue to note that the students will NOT have to tell me these verses to me individually. We are practicing them as a class for the assembly. Any review you can do with your kids on the verses send home lst week is appreciated! Don't forget to come to the Assembly Friday December 22 at 9:00 :)

Thanks! More details to follow soon about next week's final activities!  Have a blessed we

.December 4

Good evening and welcome to Advent. The season of waiting to celebrate Jesus' birth! We are excited in Grade 1 to be celebrating advent daily in our devotions and to start some Christmas activities! Here are a few things to be aware of this week.

1. We will be starting our 'SENSES AT CHRISTMAS' unit this week. We will be covering eaach of our senses unit while looking through the 'lense of a Christian'. We will be starting with SIGHT on Tuesday. Please send a non breakable Christmas item with your child that they can conceal in a bag for 'mystery bag' time to guess what thing we would see at Christmas. I will have them write in their agenda when the next item needs to be sent. Your help is appreciated! 

2. Our Christmas Compassion Campain kicked off last Monday. The money that our school collects will be directly donated to Compassion Canada to help children and families in other countries in need of many things like mosquito nets, libraries, chickens, goats and various other things. We have asked the students to do chores or small jobs around their house or neighborhood to earn money or to donate money from their own piggy banks. I am SO proud of how Grade 1 has done so far this week! We are over $40 dollars and the kids are on FIRE for helping others! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support in this project already so far! Every nickle is celebrated and appreciated! 

3. Memory Work: I will be asking them their Exodus verse starting tomorrow and I will send home the first Christmas verse that they will be working on this week in the front of their agenda's that will be due next Friday, December 8.

4. Book order are in and should be here before Christmas! I'll let parents know when they are in! Thank you! We have collected enough points in the past couple of months for Grarde 1 to have over 40 dollars worth of free books t(hat I can choose) for our classroom! Thank you! 

5. Bank Day Friday if your child is involved in this.

6. We will be planning to be make Christmas Nativity houses in a couple of weeks.(like a gingerbread house but a nativity scene instead)  We will be in need of some supplies and parent help in order to do this. I'll email a specific date and items that are needed in the next week or do.

7. All the grade 1's are involved in the Grade 1 Christmas assembly on December 22 at 9:00. Both in the Christmas dance and with speaking parts so PLEASE let me know if your child will not be in school the last day of school as this directly affects our program layout. Please mark your calendar's and I hope to see you all there! 

Have a blessed week!

​Mrs. K


November 26,

Good evening parents. I hope you had an enjoyable long weekend. I had a restful weekend after a busy couple of weeks! I'm thankful to have met with so many of you to talk about how your child is doing and am so thankful to know that things are going well for your child in Grade 1! We are now looking forward to entering the Advent Season and many of the activities that come with getting ready for Jesus' Birthday!

1. Memory work: This week will be our verse from Exodus that was in your child's agenda last week. The next couple of weeks after that there will be memory work about the Christmas story. I will send that next Monday.

2. Wednesday is Library :)

3. Friday is Hot Dog Day and Bank Day if you child is signed up for that.

4. DECEMBER SCHOLASTIC will be sent home this week. So I can order soon and get books in before Christmas I would like to put the order in on Saturday Dec. 2. Please send any book orders in by Friday. Thanks!

4. Next week I will send out a list of craft items or food items that we will be needing for some Christmas activities. 

5. If you are interested in helping with Center activities for Language let me know what days work for you and we'll fit you in! We have LA centers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We would love your help! Also, I will send out a few specific dates soon where we can use parent help for some of our special Christmas activities like Baking and our Trip to the Homeless Shelter to deliver cookies, items of need and to sing a few songs! 

6. Grade 1 is in charge of the Christmas Assembly on Dec. 22 at 9:00 if you would like to mark that on your calendars. We hope you can come!

I am so encouraged to hear from so many of you how excited your children are to do Home Shared Reading! Thank you for partnering with us to help your child become better readers! Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have as we move forward with this.

I wish you a blessed week as we enter the 'Season of Waiting' for our Saviour!

Mrs. K

November 19,

Good evening  parents. Report cards are finished! I am excited to meet with you all to talk about the progress your child has made already in Grade 1! It's hard to fit describing your child into one paragraph! Here is the updates for the week:

1. Report Cards will be going home in your child's agenda tomorrow. Please sign the ENVELOPE and RETURN the envelope to school. Thanks! 

2. Remember to sign up for a time to come and see me this Thursday evening or Friday to discuss your child's progress. You should be able to sign up on Conference Manager. Details should have been emailed to you.

3. I have received several Book Orders from Scholastic. I plan to send in the order on Tuesday so if you would still like to order books please order them by Tuesday and send the order form to school with your child. December book orders will be going our next week. 

4. We will be starting the story of Moses this week. Look in your child's agenda for this weeks memory work. Due NEXT FRIDAY.

5. Library Tuesday.

6. No School Friday due to Parent Teacher interviews. 

Thanks and have a blessed week! 

November 12,

Good evening parents! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend with your children. Report card week is upon us! I covet your prayers as I continue teaching your children this week and as I spend time with each one of them to see how they are progressing in Grade 1 and to learn more about their little (and big!) personalities! Please make sure you sign up in Conference Manager next week to set up a time to meet with me to talk about your child!

1. Memory Work: We are continuing the story of Joseph and are about to really see how God's plan for Joseph is working out for good! I will be assessing Jeremiah 29:11 and with all that is going on this week I will not send a new one home until next week! 

2. LIBRARY WEDNESDAY: Please remember to send red bag and books :)



5. FRIDAY: Dress up day: Facial Hair day ( dont' ask me!! I just heard it was MOVEMBER!)

6. FRIDAY: THEME CHAPEL 9:00-you are welcome to attend!

Home shared reading should start next week!! :) 

Have a blessed week!



Good evening parents. Hard to believe that we've had another snow day and it's only the beginning of November! Here are things to know about this week:

1. HOT DOG DAY is going to be MONDAY due to Friday being no school.

2. Memory Work: You child should be coming home with an assesssment on their Genesis verse and we are working on Jeremiah 29:11. I realize now that I made it due Nov 10 and there is no school. I may start asking the students Wednesday if they know it and if not I will assess them the following week of November 13

3. REMEMBERANCE DAY ASSEMBLY TUESDAY at 10:30. Parents welcome!

4. There is NO SCHOOL on Thursday and Friday. There is PD for teachers Thursday and Friday is off 

5. Wednesday-Library-Many students are forgetting their books to return and to get new ones. Please read these books with your child and please make sure that their books come back to school for Wednesday Library period.

6. Starting the middle of November the students will be doing a Dance Unit in Gym Class with Mrs. Heshka. We are awaiting approval for a professional dance teacher to come and teach 6 classes to our kids. (Grant money) They will be preparing a JOY TO THE WORLD dance to be performed by the Grade 1's at the Christmas Day Assembly (Grade 1 is leading)

7. Christmas Scholastic Book orders will be coming home soon There are many good Christmas Gift books you could purchase for your child if you are interested. Grade 1 earns Scholastic Points towards free books for our classroom when you complete and order. 

Keep your eyes open for a letter and books to arrive home with the kids in November to kick off our official Home Shared Reading program! 

Have a blessed week!!!

October 29

Good evening parents. We are entering our last week in October...hard to believe! 

Things to look for this week.

1. Memory: I will be asking the kids their Genesis 28 memory hopefully tomorrow. I am going to send a new memory home this week but I am gone THURSDAY and FRIDAY to a conference so I will make the next memory work due NOVEMBER 10

2. Reformation Chapel is TUESDAY OCTOBER 31 at 9:00 in the gym. You ae welcome to come!

3. LIBRARY is Wednesday

4. With Halloween coming up this Tuesday I ask that you PLEASE DO NOT SEND CANDY TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR KIDS. We encourage healthy snacks and brainfood. :) I appreciate your cooperation with this. 

5. Friday is HOT DOG DAY and BANK DAY for those participating.

6. The weather is getting COLD this week please ensure that your kids are dressed warmly for the weather including warm mitts, hats and a warm coat. They will be expected to go ourside at each recess and it makes our job easier if they are dressed appropriately. Thank you! (PS it helps to label the tags in your child's articles of clothing so if they are lost they are easier for me to help them find it! :)

Thank you! Once again thank you for your support and prayers and for sending leaves with your child the past couple of weeks. We will be enjoying learning more about FALL this week! Have a blessed week!


October 22,

Good evening parents! I hope you enjoyed your extra long weekend! I enjoyed Teacher Convention and am coming back feeling refreshed and encouraged! This week is a FULL week this week! Things to look for this week:

1.  Memory Work: I sent memory work home last Monday. I will start having the kids say it to me on Friday. It's Genesis 28:15

2.  Chapel “500 Year Anniversary of the Reformation” is taking place Tuesday morning at 9:00 in the gym. You are welcome to attend!

3. Library on Wednesday

4. Art on Thursday will be leaf rubbings. If you have a variety of leaves to send to school by Thursday that would be helpful. If you can just flatten them for a day or so between books it prevents them from being crumbly :) I have some already to share with the students at their tables, but some more would be appreciated!

5.. FRIDAY has lots going on!


b. PJ DAY-wear your comfy clothes :)

c. Hot lunch: Spaghetti

Thanks! Hope you have a blessed week!


Good evening everyone! It sure has been a gusty fall weekend! In Grade 1 we are continuing to enjoy exploring God's creation as we move into our Fall Unit, and as we continue to study God's faithfulness to Abraham in the Bible. We are moving on to the story of Isaac this week.

1. Thanks to those who have helped their children collect different coloured leaves. We hope to put our booklets together this week! If you have any OAK or MAPLE LEAVES in your area, I'd love a bag of them for our fall art project LEAF RUBBINGS that are coming up :) I've scoped out lots of round leaves but haven't found any oak or maple yet.

2. MEMORY: I will be sending a NEW BIBLE MEMORY tomorrow for you to start practicing with your child. With the short week this week I will not be asking the kids until FRIDAY OCTOBER 27. I've been asking the kids their thanksgiving verse this week and a pink sheet will come home when your child has said it to me.

3. CORN MAZE on TUESDAY! PLEASE SIGN and return the permission form and send $5 with your child if you are able. The bus will leave at 11:30 so we can eat lunch AT the cornmaze. Let me know if you are wanting to come with us that day. If you would like to take our child home after the corn maze please let me know so I can send a back pack with them.

4. NO SCHOOL on Thursday and Friday due to Teacher Convention in Calgary.

Enjoy another long weekend coming up with your child! Thanks for all you do! 


October 9

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! We have much to be thankful for and I pray that this weekend was a time of reflection and thankfulness for what God has blessed us with!

​Thank you for everyone who came to our Harvest Celebration last Friday! The kids were SO excited for you to come and for them to share with you what we have been doing in Grade 1 so far! Also Thank you for helping your child bring food items in for the Food Bank. We collected 95 items for the Food Bank! The kids were excited to sort them and count them before bringing them 'train style' to the Front Lobby! 

It's a shorter week coming up so here is what you need to know:

1. NO BIBLE MEMORY THIS WEEK-I will finish assessing their Psalm 100 memory work. I will send a sheet home when they have said it to me so you know they have said it to me :)

2. Wednesday is the first day back this week so please remind your child to BRING LIBRARY BOOKS back  :)

3. We have Language Learning time every day from 10:45 to 11:45 each day. If you would like to come and help us run one of the centers any of those days once in a while or on a regular basis, please email me and let me know and I'll schedule you in! Thank you!

4. We will be doing a LEAF ART project and a LEAF BOOK coming up in October. With the leaves turning and falling so quickly already, it would be great if your child could collect a VARIETY OF LEAVES to use for a leaf rubbing activity and a leaf book. I will be sending a sheet home that asks for several colours of leaves. Please plan to collect as many of these with your child at home as you can, in a nearby park or in the river bottom and return to school by FRIDAY OCTOBER 16 

5. September Scholastic books should be in soon! If you have any OCTOBER SCHOLASTIC you would like to order, please do so by Friday, Oct. 13 so that I can put the order in next weekend. Thanks!
​Have a great week everyone!


October 2

​Good evening parents! We are into October! We are glad to be into some routines now in Grade 1. The kids had a great time on our Terry Fox Walk and we are thankful once again for your support!  Grade 1 is also excited about Giving Thanks to God this week for everything He has blessed us with! Some reminders:

1. Memory Work: Psalm 100:4 and 5 that was sent home this week is what we will be practicing this week for Friday.

2. Thank you for your support so far in our Canned Food Drive for the Food Bank. You don't have to bring in 'cans' of food. All items are welcome :) We will continue to collect until Thursday. We will do our big wrap up on Thursday.

3. I have Parents for Tuesday and Wednesday LA centers so far. Thanks :) If someone wants to pop in Monday let me know otherwise we are good for the week. Keep your eyes open for other chances coming up soon :)

4. I have 2 Parents for muffin day ( Brenda and Carol) and I have 1 parent for Thursday applesauce ( Cheryl) so if you can help out Thursday around 10:30 let me know! Thanks!

5. Reminder that our PARENT CELEBRATION will take place after the chapel on Friday morning for about half an hour. We hope to see you there! 

6. If you have any Scholastic Book Orders please send them to school ASAP :) Thanks!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Have a blessed week!




eptember 24-

Good evening parents and welcome to Fall!! We have many exciting things happening in October in Grade 1. I'll do my best to inform you what's coming up this week and what is coming up in October. Take note of our PARENT EVENT OCT. 6!

1. Memory Work-Due to a busy Friday I haven't had time to ask your kids their memory work yet. I'll do that this week and I'll send home their Thanksgiving Memory work with them tomorrow that will be due FRIDAY OCTOBER 6.

2. Library-Wednesday. Please make sure you child's books are returned with the red book bag provided by Mrs. Konynenbelt.


4. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 26-Orange Shirt Day-is promoting EVERY CHILD MATTERS-to inform kids they will be watching a video this week and we will be talking about how every child matters no matter their ability, race, religion, skin colour...It will specifically target Metis and Inuit inclusion. .Please have your child wear an ORANGE SHIRT on TUESDAY

*Friday is also when we will participate in the Terry Fox Walk- We will be driving to Henderson Lake by bus with the rest of our school. We plan to arrive around 1:00 at the Park. Grade 1 will be doing the shorter loop. If you would like please send a Toonie for Terry on Friday with your child. The money will go towards Cancer Research. The kids will get a sticker saying " I AM WALKING FOR__________" If you have someone in your family or a friend that your child has known that is fighting cancer or has passed away from cancer, let you child know and we will print those names on their sticker that will go on their shirt.

****If you are interested***you are welcome to join us for our walk. Please let me know and I can give you the location of our starting point.

4. We start our Thanksgiving Unit this week- I will be asking your child to bring in an APPLE and a POTATO in the next week or so. Please send in a baggie with their name :) I am also wondering if anyone knows where we could get more apples????  Does anyone have an apple tree or access to one? We are looking for enough apples to make a fair bit of apple sauce :) Thanks!

5. *Thanksgiving Chapel is next Friday (OCT. 6) and we would like to invite PARENTS to come and participate in our Harvest Celebration after the Chapel!Please join our class to see what we've been up to! The students will share some of the work they have been doing and some special treats for you! We hope to see you there!*****


7 Thank you for those who have brought in NUTS for our Fall activity. If you have any more around your area or park I would love some more! Thank yoU!

That's it for now! Thanks for your support and have a great week!!! 


September 17-

Good evening parents! I hope you have had a cool and enjoyable weekend! We are finding our groove in Grade 1 and the kids are becoming more comfortable with each other and the routines! A few things to note for this week:

1. Scholastic Book order forms went home this week. There are a lot of good quality books in the flyers for reasonable prices. If you would like to order books for your child you can order them online and pay online and our classroom gains points toward books for our classroom! If you are interested I'd like to send our order in this week. Please return by THURSDAY-SEPTEMBER 21

2. Library Wednesday.

3. PANCAKE BREAKFAST on Friday at 10:00 for pastors, busdrivers and students. Please send a PLATE and UTENSILS with your child in a bag. 

4. EARLY DIMISSAL THIS FRIDAY AT 2:00-please plan to pick up your kids at this time if you normally do so, and the busses will run their regular routes starting at 2:00 on Friday.

5. Thank you to those who have donated items to our classroom so far! It's very much appreciated! If you are willing could your child collect any ACORNS, HAZELNUTS or other nuts that they find near their homes or in their nearby parks for a FALL ACTIVITY we do in October. The squirrels get them quickly :) If you have any old nuts lying around I'd love those as well, but please NO PEANUTS! THANK YOU!


 Sept. 11,

Good evening! I have enjoyed my first week with your children! I think it's going to be a great year. We are establishing relationships and routines and having fun! Some regular things will be starting up this week. Here are some reminders.

1. Your kids will come home with their first memory work from Matthew 5:16 which is our theme this year in our classroom. " In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.. We will practice that in class but if you can practice this with your child this week I hope to ask them on Fridays. Look for it in the front of your child's agenda.

2. Wednesday will be our Library day. Please have your child return their books in their bag. They will choose new books that day.

3. PICTURE DAY IS WEDNESDAY! If you haven't returned the picture form yet, please send it to school with your child.

4. Hot lunch is due on cash online by Sunday night and it's Hot Lunch-hotdogs-on Friday. Please send a drink with your kids for lunch.

I pray you have a good week and that we will have a great week again in Grade 1! Thanks for your prayer and support!