Grade 1

Grade 1 is currently using the app See Saw to communicate with parents on a weekly basis. Thank you!


September 23,

Good evening parents! By now you should have received a hard copy newsletter from last week updating you on a few things so here are this weeks reminders:

1. On Friday I sent home a SEE SAW sheet specific for you child. PLEASE take a minute to download the app to your phone. Please do so by WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 26 so I can start sending messages and pictures via See Saw. I only have 2 signed up so far. Thanks!

2. TUESDAY: September 25- Corn Maze!!!! Bus is leaving 11:30 so if you would like to join us on the bus (no other children are legally allowed) please be at school by 11:20. We are eating lunch at the Maze before we break up into groups. Feel free to eat your lunch with us! Bus is leaving by 2:30. 

****PARENTS SIGNED UP TO HELP SO FAR: Sharla, Viviana, Crystal, Vanessa? Caroline and Julia-more are welcome if I missed you. We are allowed 1 parents per 3 children. :) Thank you!

3. APPLE AND POTATO: Please send an apple and a potato to school with your child on Monday as we need these for our Harvest Unit that we are starting this week! Thank you to those who brought pumpkins in to us! We appreciate it! Donations of APPLES are still needed for next week's apple sauce so if you have an apple tree or would like to donate a small bag of apples that would be wonderful! 

 4. VOLUNTEERING next week: I only have 1 person able to help this week so I'm changing the days to next week. Please let me know if you can help out!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1****we need 2 or 3 parents  (or grandparents) to help make applesauce from 10:30 to 12:00-all supplies and recipe provided. 

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2****we need 2 or 3 parents ( or grandparents) to help make pumpkin muffins from 10:30 to 12:00-all supplies and recipe provided.

5. BIBLE MEMORY: I need to ask some kids last week's memory yet! Friday was so busy! I'll do that the beginning of this week. The next memory is Matthew 25:35 but we will talk about all of the verses 35-40. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

A sheet will come home in the form of a colouring sheet with the verse on it. We will take 2 weeks to learn this verse during our Thanksgiving Unit so it's not due till OCTOBER 4.

6. FOOD COLLECTION: The students will be asked to bring in food items to help the homeless in Lethbridge. We will collect them in our classroom, talk about how they are being Justice Seekers, Servant Workers and Community Builders for our community. On Oct. 4 we will be using our Math skills to group and tally the food items they have collected before we bring them to the lobby for the school collection to the Food Bank. We appreciate your willingness to help support this project! 

7. PARENT CELEBRATION!!!!! RESERVE FRIDAY AFTER THE GRADE 2 THANKSGIVING CHAPEL to come to our classroom and celebrate with the students what they have learned during their Thanksgiving unit! Hope to see you there! 

8. TERRY FOX WALK on FRIDAY: We are learning about and celebrating the bravery of Terry Fox this week. On Friday afternoon we are taking the bus to Henderson Lake to Walk for Terry Fox. Please bring a TOONIE to school that day if you would like to donate to this cause.

9. lastly....HOT LUNCH FRIDAY-Hamburgers

Wow...I can't believe how much is going on in the next two week! Mark things on your calendar so you don't forget and I'll do the same :) Have a great week!


September 9,

Good morning parents! I hope you had a restful weekend with your child and that your child had a good first week in Grade 1! Grade 1 is a big change for them as they go to school every day, so be prepared for your child to need some down time when they get home and love them through some of the crankies that are sure to come with the first three weeks when they get home! 

​We had a great week last week and we are off to a good start! These are the things you should know for this week:
1. Bible Memory: Our theme verse is our first memory. Matthew 5:16. You will find their memory in the front pocket of their agenda. It's due this Friday for them to say it to me.

2. Picture Day is Wednesday of this week! 

3. Pancake Breakfast is this Friday-Your child should have come home with a flyer to give to their pastor or bus driver. Some wanted a second one to do at home to hand out to another pastor. Please send your child with a plate and a fork in a plastic bag for Friday.

4. Friday is also Dress Up Day-Whoop Up days! Your child may come dressed in Western gear that day. This is optional and not a requirement :)

5. Volunteering: Some of you have expressed interest in helping in my classroom! Thank you! I will contact you the beginning of October to set things up! 

Thanks for your prayers and support! Have a great week!


In Grade 1, parents will be communicated with via the See Saw app. 

Parents will receive sign up information for the app from the teacher

Some information will also be shared via this webstie page. .